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Awards/Notable Events

2015 Most Slept on Female DJ Award


DJGorgeous is nominated for the “Most Slept on Female DJ” award from the Alabama Music Awards in 2015. DJGorgeous is greatly honored to have been considered for this award and is grateful that all of her hard work and dedication to her craft has been recognized.

2014 Instagrammys Hottest Female Promoters


DJGorgeous is beyond proud to have received the “2014 Instagrammay’s Hottest Female Promoters” award.  She have placed a lot of emphasis on creating a dynamic female promo team that is outstanding in complementing her DJ’n career; as well as, holding positive influences in the community. Receiving this award has only pushed her to dream bigger on what the WyneFyneDivas can accomplish in the future.

2014 Instagrammys Hottest Female DJ


Receiving the “2014 Instagrammys Hottest Female DJ” Award is a substantial moment for DJGorgeous. Over the years she has focused on developing and mastering the craft that she lives for. To see her hard work paying off definitely leaves her humbled and hungry for more success.

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