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Tony Wilder

Artist Da 13th One born  Tony Glenn Wilder Jr. On July 11th 1978 to Mother Henrietta Wilder and Father Tony Glenn Wilder Sr. In Aliceville Ala. Youngest of 3 boys that his mom birthed and has a younger sister by his father. He grew up in Aliceville Ala. with stints of living in other cities for times out of his life as a kid and adult. His love for music came early in life, from Gospel, Blues, Pop, some Rock and Roll, and definitely Hip Hop. Surrounded by and listening to all those genres of music has him able to be versatile and step outside the box with some of his music song choices. Da 13th One started dabbling in freestyling and writing music around the age 12. When He teamed with friends and became member of a group named A.V.C. (ANOTHER VIOLENT COMMITTEE). Up and down life with a couple visits to the A Department of Corrections where He came to his own style of rhymndelivery. He has worked with plenty local Alabama artists and others from neighboring States as Tn, Ms, & Ga. Also he expanded his music internationally working with artists from Africa and France. Namely
 artist Duggy Tee from SENEGAL Dakar Africa (The First Hip Hop Artist in that Country) Which in 2015 Da 13th One went to Senegal Dakar Africa for 6 days on a radio promo visit and was able to do a performance there in the country at Club Five Up! ( Perfomance and footage of travel can be seen on And Also worked with artist Mister JD (Johannes Drewling) in Marseille, France. And female Artist Toussa from SENEGAL AFRICA. And single "Whine" fea. artist Maine Gwap from Kingston Jamaica!!!  Da 13th One is Co-Owner of group BreadHuntaz and founder of I Want In Ent. Has Also done a theme song And Video  entitled "BRONZEBOMBER"  for the WBC Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Deontay Wilder. And he is still focused on creating more great music in the future.




Twitter ~ Da13thOne / IG: da13th1 & iwantintee

YouTube ~ BreadhuntaG

Facebook ~ Tony Wilder

iTunes, Spotify, Google Play ~ Da 13th One

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